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Roxanne Fabulous 70th

It's been a long time since I was the photographer of this beautiful family. The first time I was honored to be a photographer was for their grandmother in Terra Campestre in Guaynabo.

The first time was like a common family event, at that time I didn’t know anybody else, just Natalia and in  I was enjoying the full event. I remember that all night long Doña Lucy danced every song and later she received a surprise call from David Bernier witch at the time who was running for governor of Puerto Rico and Lucy gave him a good grandmother’s speech.

This second time my recollection of memories was kind of blurry since it was a long time since that first birthday with Lucy but now was the Fabulous Roxanne 70 at an Arabic theme birthday party and for the first time in just a blink of an eye they were treating me like a family member.

I was fully immersed again, enjoying taking pictures of the reactions, and the multiple surprises. Roxanne didn't even know the party was for her, so capturing her reaction with all the family and friends waiting for her was epic.

Later her son came dressed as her with the hair, how she dresses and imitating her personality. She didn't know until

Her son face her and her reaction was priceless because he was in the US.

Minutes later arrive the belly dancer which gave a spectacular presentation, integrating all family members, friends, and the birthday girl.

Finally, it was time for the family member to sing, individually, in duets, and groups. Making the celebration even more fun and funny.

Past my work hours in photography, I agreed on to stay and with them, chatter, joke around and pass a good time between friends and family.

I hope in near future be their photographer and friend.

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